Flamenco Night

January 20, 2024 at 7 p.m.

La Vid Wine Bar is hosting Flamenco Nights every third Saturday of the month at 7 p.m. Make your reservation today to secure your seat, call 813-450-1280.

Admission is $20 Per person. For $100 receive admission for two and enjoy a large cheese & charcuterie board paired with a bottle of wine during the performance.

As a dancer and Flamenco artist, Irene was trained in Ballet by Nina Novak, and in Classical Spanish and Flamenco by Jose Serrano, “Pepe.” She was privileged to study at the prestigious original Amor de Dios studio in Madrid. Once “baptized” by Maria Magdalena, who trained the dancers of the National Ballet of Spain, with the artistic name “La Chata,” Irene performed in the Ferias in Andalusia with the company of El Nano de Jerez, and in Tablaos in Spain and abroad.

Manolo Vargas is a native of Seville. He is an accomplished professional flamenco guitar player and singer. He is a specialist in the art of singing for dancing. He will be performing traditional and authentic, Flamenco!

  • Take Notes While Tasting
  • Compare Wines
  • Perfect Your Swirling Technique

By practicing proper tasting technique you will be able to gain appreciation through proper tasting application of wine.

Grapes go through quite the process to become a glass of wine. Our Sommelier has carefully researched La Vids selection, and is prepared to share this knowledge with you specific to each tasting.

Just like a book, no bottle of wine should be judged from the outside of the bottle. Through wine tasting classes you may find your new favorite by random chance. Through personal conversation and feedback within a tasting our Sommelier will respond to your taste for other proposed wines of interest.

Are you looking to meet new people? A wine class invites fellow wine enthusiasts to share their reflections resulting in organic conversations. Many great friendships have been formed in La Vid Vinoteca.