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La Vid offers the best-in-class Spanish and Portuguese wines, beers, vermouths, and other global wines of distinction and specialty food products from the Mediterranean locally in the Tampa Bay area and online.

Spanish wineries age the wine in oak barrels, crafting a cellared wine taste. Terms such as Jove, Crianza, Reserva, or Grand Reserva help distinguish the age behind the bottle. Spain is part of the European Union and follows strict rules such as what grapes and vines can be planted to identify the Denominación de Origen (DO). Denominación de Origen Calificada is the premium wine quality of Spanish wine.

Spain’s oldest Denomination of Origin, DO and Spain’s first Qualified Denomination of Origin DOCa. Rioja is a prestigious wine region of Spain and globally recognized. The majority output is red; however, white, rosé and sparkling wines are also produced. Rioja is known for its aging practices, which they guarantee through their rigorous labeling requirements. Tempranillo, Garnacaha, Mazuelo, and Graciano are the red varietals of the region while Viura and Garnacha blanca are the most prominent white varietals.

Spain’s second DOCa. Specializing in blends based on Garnacha, Cariñena, and French varieties such as syrah and cabernet sauvignon. Renowned for their slate and quartz soils known in Catalan as “Llicorella.” Altitudes range from 985ft to 2,300ft above sea level. This region has built a reputation for its serious and long-lived wines.

A wine region in Galicia that primarily focuses on white wines from indigenous varieties, accounting for over 99% of the wine output. Fresh, clean, taste with citrus and stone fruit nuances. The region is subdivided into five subregions, each having its unique characteristics. Albariño is the star of the show here, followed by Godello and Loureiro and other local grapes.

Is a legendary wine-producing area with a history spanning almost 3,000 years. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar in Andalucia, Spain, the portal to Europe and North Africa. Complex, unique wines are made from a fractional blending system known as a “solera.”

This wine region sits on the banks of the Duero river and is at the northern end of the “Meseta,”; Spain’s expansive plateau. This wine region has come to prominence in the last 20 years and has built a reputation on serious, full-bodied reds with a unique structure allowing the wines for years to come.

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