Wine Club

There is no contract, cancel at any time. Credit cards will be automatically charged on the third of the month. One has up to 30 days to reclaim the monthly bottle if not, it is forfeited unless prior arrangements are made.

All corkage fees are waived for on-premise consumption bottle purchases on Thursday. This does not apply towards parties of  5 or more, reserved events or private parties.

All cases are equal to 12 bottles.

Wine by the case is defined as 12 bottles of the same wine when ordered with anticipation; this excludes the mixing of different label from the same producer. Micro-production wines are allocated wines. Allocated wines are wines that are limited to a certain quantity that the establishment is permitted to order at the discretion of the distributor and/or supplier.

5% off Mix & Match can be for twelve of the same or a variety however it will still excludes bottles that are allocated.

Why Iberian Wine?


Wines from these regions over deliver for theirs prices in all categories, from everyday bargains to ultra-premium wines and everything in between


Between Spain and Portugal, there are diverse styles of wine to be found from around the world. Our selection is reflective of culture and diversity for any pallet.


With over 2000 years of active viticulture, and multi-generational winemakers Iberian wine is more than something off the vine. La Vid is proud to share Iberian wine history and culture.

Enjoy and experience wines from across the globe in our local community. From sweet and bubbly to dry and crisp whites, smooth and supple to bold and intense reds, we feature artisan wines for every occasion, palate and personality. Reserve a private tasting to find your new favorite.