About La Vid

Tampa’s unassuming wine bar marries Spanish heritage with high-end wines in a casual upscale environment. When it comes to Spain and Portugal, La Vid’s wine selection is next to none. The carefully curated selection by Certified Sommelier, Victor Manuel, brings the best that the Iberian Peninsula offers. Applying his experience of more than 18 years in gastronomy, Victor is motivated to elevate the reputation of Tampa’s wine scene. There are more than just wines at La Vid. One can also find a great selection of fortified wines, including exotic Spanish Vermouths and cheeses and cured meats with their protected denomination of origin.

Education is an essential element in the success of La Vid. Cultivating a wine culture in Tampa through helping others develop their palate is their modus operandi. Our vinoteca is a destination for those seeking knowledge of wine and food through sharing with others. We strive to bring the community exemplary products from the Iberian peninsula, otherwise difficult to find locally.

Why Iberian Wine?


Wines from these regions over deliver for theirs prices in all categories, from everyday bargains to ultra-premium wines and everything in between


Between Spain and Portugal, there are diverse styles of wine to be found from around the world. Our selection is reflective of culture and diversity for any pallet.


With over 2000 years of active viticulture, and multi-generational winemakers Iberian wine is more than something off the vine. La Vid is proud to share Iberian wine history and culture.

Enjoy and experience wines from across the globe in our local community. From sweet and bubbly to dry and crisp whites, smooth and supple to bold and intense reds, we feature artisan wines for every occasion, palate and personality. Reserve a private tasting to find your new favorite.