Ana Fabiano

Rioja Tasting with Ana Fabiano

November 20, 2021

Tasting starts promptly at 6:00 pm

Join us for a special tasting event, our specialty tastings will expand your wine palate amongst the many different regions and respective styles. When educated with this information we hope you will be well-versed for your next wine purchase, whether in a bar, restaurant, or another retail situation.

Meet and greet with Ana Fabiano, the ambassador, and author of the most authoritative book on Rioja, The Wine Region of Rioja.
The tasting will include six fantastic wines from Rioja which Ms. Fabiano will navigate the group through.

Call today to secure your tickets for one of the two special events with Ana Fabiano. Ana will be signing her books. If you have one bring it for her endorsement, if not you can purchase one at the event.

*There will be two sessions, this is for the second session at 6:00 pm.

Why Attend a Wine Tasting

  • Take Notes While Tasting
  • Compare Wines
  • Perfect Your Swirling Technique

By practicing proper tasting technique you will be able to gain appreciation through proper tasting application of wine.

Grapes go through quite the process to become a glass of wine. Our Sommelier has carefully researched La Vids selection, and is prepared to share this knowledge with you specific to each tasting.

Just like a book, no bottle of wine should be judged from the outside of the bottle. Through wine tasting classes you may find your new favorite by random chance. Through personal conversation and feedback within a tasting our Sommelier will respond to your taste for other proposed wines of interest.

Are you looking to meet new people? A wine class invites fellow wine enthusiasts to share their reflections resulting in organic conversations. Many great friendships have been formed in La Vid Vinoteca.