Vermut, Catalunya


Blend: White Carncha,  Macabeu, Pedro Ximenez

Strong aromas of Mediterranean forest as fennel, rosemary, cumin and notes of cinnamon and vanilla.  On the second level appear secondary aromas of aged wood, the earth just after a rain, truffle, and honey.  The original blend provokes surprising sensations to the senses. On the palate it is balanced, with just enough sweetness to complement the accompanying characteristic bitter citrus.

It is made using old recipes, in which different plant varieties are macerated for over a year in oak barrels.  To this essence, a white wine made from Macabeo, Pedro Ximénez and White Garnacha is added.  This wine is vinified by being in contact with the grape skins, giving it more aromas and a darker color.  A small amount of sugar is then added to give it the desired sweetness, then it is aged for a minimum of two years in old oak barrels, where it obtains the desired aromas and characteristic amber colouring.